About Refine for Men

Refine Medical Laser & Aesthetics wants all men to know that we are here for you too.  Everyone’s skin needs proper care and we have the products and procedures you’ve been waiting for. We can design a skincare regimen that is completely compatible with your lifestyle and recommend treatments that are quick and effective.

Stop passing off your age spots as “distinguishing” characteristics. Let Refine remove those with our IPL Laser as well as make unwanted hair a thing of the past with our gold standard 810 Diode Laser Hair Removal System.

We encourage men to schedule their free, private consultation to learn more about the benefits of Refine’s services.

BioTE- Feeling like you have lost your edge?

It may be as simple as low T or a more complex hormone imbalance… and Refine can help you rediscover your edge. We offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) in the form of pellets for long-lasting results available to you with an even delivery to your body, 24/7. Read More

PCA Skin Care Solutions for Men

Daily shaving can lead to inflammation.  Men’s higher testosterone levels leads to oilier skin that remains stronger later in life. As men age, however, their skin’s ability to produce new collagen and protect existing collagen is diminished. PCA Skin’s easy-to-use, three-step system keeps men’s skin calm, hydrated, clear and strong.