Pamela-WEBDr. Pamela E. Mondorf, MD has been working in the medical industry for almost 20 years. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Medicine and completed her Residency Training in Anesthesiology at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. She is board certified by both the Wyoming Board of Medicine and the American Board of Anesthesiologists. Dr. Mondorf and her husband, Dr. Edward J. Frink Jr, MD, are owners of a private practice partnership, Wind River Anesthesia Consultants serving the Lander community since May 2004.

Anesthesiology and the practice of medicine has proven to be a rewarding career but what Refine Medical Laser & Aesthetics offers to men and women is a true passion for Dr. Mondorf.  As a physician she understands the importance of proper training and education in any aspect of the medical field.  To compliment her already extensive healthcare background, she pursued professional hands-on training and certification from the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine.

Beauty and teaching the importance of skin care is a passion stemmed from a lifetime interest in art, specifically painting. The ability to create something flawless on canvas has always intrigued her and is one of many personal inspirations for Refine.

Dr. Mondorf is excited to build customized aesthetic solutions for her patients.  In her role as an anesthesiologist,  personal contact with patients is limited to interaction with a surgical team in the operating room. Refine Medical Laser & Aesthetics will now offer her patients the opportunity to get to know Pamela not only as a doctor, but as a woman focused on finding solutions to the natural aging process.

While Dr. Mondorf is her title at work, Mom is her title at home. Pamela is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Sydney and Zoe.  Things are never boring at Pamela’s house.  At any given moment the entire family is caring for a diverse assortment of animals ranging from tarantellas to horses. When she isn’t at the hospital or Refine offices you can find Pamela with her beloved horse, Lana.